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the healing revolution anti-retreat. yoga retreat. wellness retreat. retreat in guatemala. somatic experiencing.

Heal Yourself, Heal the World Anti-Retreat: Guatemala

This one-of-a-kind 6 day Anti-Retreat is designed to disrupt the cycle of disconnection, burnout, and fitting the mold. This isn't about escaping your life—it's about diving deep into it, releasing stored stress and limitations, courageously embracing your authentic self, reconnecting to your Massively Transformative Purpose, developing the resiliency to live your best life and make the world a better place... And just having some good ol' FUN!

Bonus: 100% of profits go to our 501(c)(3) charity to instill growth mindset and regenerative leadership in at-risk youth and to prevent suicide and burnout in firefighters and first responders - Your investment tax deductible! Payment plans available with $0 down!

For all you amazing humans exhausted from the grind, tired of superficial "wellness" culture, and craving a real reset beyond just temporary relaxation...


I get it on a deep, spiritual level, my friends. That's why I created the most soul-nourishing, disruptive, transformational experience out there just for you.

Tons of hard-working people suffer from thinking that feeling constantly stressed, stuck in Fight or Flight, and forced to fit into some societal mold is just how it is.


At the end of the day, we just have to deal because we don't have the time or money to actually care for ourselves, right? WRONG.


If you're that person standing at the scary (but awesome!) crossroads of just giving up or finally tuning into your true potential and happiness, then this is for you.

It's the one-of-a-kind Heal Yourself, Heal the World Anti-Retreat!!

During this Anti-Retreat, we will not retreat, superficially relax, temporarily hide, repress, or ignore. You will deeply release and reset stress, reconnect to your most authentic self, renew your Massively Transformative Purpose, have FUN, and leave energy-filled and armored with impactful insight and real-life stress-busting tools.


At the Anti-Retreat you will...


- Experience body-affirming yoga, mindful movement, and transformative breathwork.

- Release stored stress and limiting beliefs through Somatic Practice and Flow State training.

- Disconnect from the distractions and external pressures of everyday life in an awe-inspiring mountain lake setting.

- Gain insights into your truest self with Human Design and other personality and self-development activities.

- Play games, dance it out, and have a little adventure and some gosh-darn FUN with a like-minded community.

- Learn simple, innovative tools to continue your growth, maximize your impact on the world, and live your best life way beyond this week.

- and much, MUCH more!!


Even better, through the mission of my charitable non-profit, The Healing Revolution is offering this life-affirming experience starting as low as $1,200 through August 1, 2024!!


Plus, 100% of the profits go straight back to the non-profit to fuel our charitable missions to teach at-risk youth nervous system regulation, growth mindset, and regenerative leadership, as well as prevent suicide and burnout in firefighters who have experienced trauma.


Finally, you can reset and break the cycle without breaking the bank,

without using your precious time and energy having to plan,

and while knowing you are giving back at the same time!


I know what it is like to be stuck, unsure of your purpose, exhausted, and fed up with way things are. I get it. That's why I founded The Healing Revolution and why I carefully created this Anti-Retreat, just for you.

The Authentic Awakening Anti-Retreat is easily worth over $5,000 with everything it can do for you, but through our non-profit mission...


Your investment is as low as $1,200!!


If you want to clear out all that built up stress and self-doubt in an accepting, empowering, and fun environment without paying an arm and a leg, there is nothing better than this! Early Bird pricing is only good through August 1st!

You Deserve (Need??) This!!

yoga class. Wellness Retreat. Burnout Prevention. yoga retreat. colorado. denver. human design. somatic therapy. diversity retreat.
mens retreat. meditation class. Wellness Retreat. Burnout Prevention. yoga retreat. colorado. denver. human design. somatic therapy.
Ready for the details?? Let me break down all the AWESOME stuff included in this life-altering experience...

- Empowering Yoga and Trauma-Informed Breathwork (Accessible to ALL abilities! I'm a PT, I got you.)

- Somatic Stress Release & Rewiring out of Fight/Flight/Freeze

- Mindful Movement & Meditative Nature Walks/Hikes (ALL physical abilities!)

- Sacred Somatic Scream

- Kayaking, Paddle-boarding, Swim dock

- Human Design Analysis & Other Self-Development Activities

- Guided value alignment and goal setting for your Massively Transformative Purpose 

- Healing aromatherapy

- Individualized Bioenergetic Chakra Readings

- Flow State Training for Healing & Resiliency

- Ecstatic Dance & Healing Sound Frequencies

- Neurographic Art Experience

- Low Pressure Fitness

- Regenerative Leadership, Health, Wealth & Travel
- All-inclusive stay at a luxury retreat center at the edge of beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with views of the awe-inspiring mountains and volcanoes. Includes transport to/from Guatemala City Airport.

- Expertly facilitated group and individual reflection

- All inclusive nourishing vegetarian meals, snacks, coffee, and tea (gluten free options and animal protein add-ons available!)
- Renewed sense of purpose, creativity, fun, badassery, growth, authenticity, resiliency, vibrancy, power, clarity, and understanding.

- More than you are willing to hope for, and only as much as you are willing to commit to.


Plus, I love getting to give away things so you also get these extra special BONUSES worth over $700 just for showing up for yourself and helping me disrupt the system:

- FREE sample of THR's proprietary 18 Mushroom Microdosing supplement

- FREE Flow State & Somatics for Success Masterclass

- FREE Anti-Retreat T-shirt

- FREE 30 minute Intention Call with me beforehand

- FREE month of weekly virtual group intention sessions to connect, ask questions, manifest, and get the absolute most out of your experience.

- FREE Calm Stress in 3 Minutes or Less E-book

- $150 Credit towards our 5 night Costa Rica Anti-Retreat in November 2025!

- 20% Off a 3 Step Nervous System Stress Reset with Dr. Sarah

- Tons of discounts with The Healing Revolution partners including plant-based spa services, sound healing, massage, chiropractic, fitness, reiki, and more!

Total Value: Priceless

Are you ready to embrace your Massively Transformative Purpose and authentic badassery, kick stress to the curb, build life-long community, and have a life-changing experience in Guatemala while giving back to a great cause??

Who is your
Anti-Retreat Leader?

Dr. Sarah, Founder of The Healing Revolution

Empathic Idealist. Gleeful Rebel. Curious Teacher. Level-Headed Equalizer.


I am a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming & Flow State Coach, Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma & Pain Therapist, Breathwork Instructor, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and Creator of the Trauma-Informed NeuroReset Certification. I am passionate about empowering people to see they have everything already inside of them to live their very best life, and inspiring badass humans not to settle for the status quo. It is through both science and spirituality, challenge and support, performance and recovery, individual and community belonging that we get to live our fullest lives. Let's partner in a thought-provoking, creative, and fun process that inspires us both to discover greater potential than we ever imagined possible.

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dr sarah morrison. Wellness Retreat. Burnout Prevention. yoga retreat. human design. somatic therapy.

Where and When is this Magictastical Anti-Retreat?

November 8-14, 2024
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The beautiful and all-inclusive luxury villa is situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Atitlan in the heart of the Guatemalan highlands. Featured in Yoga Journal, Huffpost, Retreat Guru, Travel Advisor, and Taschen’s Great Yoga Retreats, our home for the week ensures a uniquely healing and adventurous destination. There is no place more ideal for groups in search of rest, reflection, cultural immersion, adventure and natural beauty.

This venue aligns beautifully with THR's mission to advance regenerative health and travel as it is dedicated to rejuvenating holistic practices and healing modalities as well as preserving Mayan traditions and facilitating outdoor adventure.

With options for both private and shared rooms, we have accommodations to make everyone feel safe, comfortable, and just the right amount of spoiled rotten. Our venue includes: 

- Yoga patio overlooking the water

- Hot Tub, Sauna & Swim Dock

- 3 Locally sourced meals/day

- Hiking and nature trails

- Kayaks and paddle boards

- Spa service add-ons including massage, acupuncture, and Nervous System Reset.

- 7 bathrooms so you never have to worry about waiting

- Certified transport to/from Guatemala City Airport

Who should attend the Anti-Retreat?


The Healing Revolution prides itself on providing a safe(r) space for ALL genders, orientations, nationalities, backgrounds, races, ages, bodies, cultures... Growth and greatness spring from diversity, and all people are welcome and celebrated here! Whether you sign up for the adventure on your own or with friends/partner/family, you will find community and belonging. Shared accommodation will be arranged to ensure comfort for all.

In the interest of maintaining that safe(r) space, spots are limited to only 16 attendees, and are going fast. So grab yours today while there is still space left!

Just imagine for a moment that you aren't burnt out, boxed in, bored, or stuck in fear of never reaching your true potential. Instead you are EMPOWERED to break the mold, to be resilient to life's stressors, and to be successful and fulfilled in every aspect of life...

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you are ready to break the cycle... Join the Revolution for a powerful, fun, transformative experience like nothing else!

What are you waiting for??
Change your life at the Guatemala Anti-Retreat for as low as $1,200 through August 1st!!

Payment plans including $0 down, no interest and low monthly payments available through CareCredit. Message Dr. Sarah via text or WhatsApp at +1 720-309-6367 to get set up!

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group hug. queer friendly yoga. lgbtq ally. trans safe space.. Wellness Retreat. Burnout Prevention. yoga retreat. colorado. denver. human design. somatic therapy.
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